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About Me - Roland

What do Top Gun, Boomerang, Love Jones and James Bond have in common? For one, they are some of my favorite movies….and, strangely enough, they tell the story of my journey.

Throughout my early years, I grew up wanting to be an Air Force pilot. As part of the path to my dream, I spent 3 years in high school and 2 years in college in Air Force ROTC. I was going to be the Top Gun! Right before Basic Training, a bomb dropped… on me. I found out that I was medically disqualified. (Allergic to insects that sting!!!)This was a devastating blow to my career plans, and forced me to reconsider my future.

While still at Tennessee State University, a friend encouraged me to take photography as an elective. My father has been taking photos for years, so I went for it. Within the same time frame, I was required to create a business plan for my senior class project. I chose Photography as the business. That was the “Boomerang”. As a child, I had always enjoyed drawing and creating things. I see photography as a means of expressing art, but never considered it as a career. So, what I tossed to the side early in my life boomeranged back to me in my adult life. After creating the business plan, I was hooked and my photography career was on its way! That was 1999! Ever since then, I have been pursuing the dream of making others smile through photographic art. I have spent years capturing the best of the “Love Jones” moments of people’s lives.

That’s my career story…but there’s so much more to me. My favorite foods are Lasagna, Macaroni & Cheese and…Rice Krispie Treats. (I loved them so much as a child, my mom made me a Rice Krispie Treat birthday cake!!) I enjoy watching a good action movie, cycling, riding motorcycles, driving fast cars and playing a game of pool. I have even been considered a pool shark! That’s my James Bond side! Just like Bond, I have many interests and thrive off of utilizing them to masterfully make your wedding day and portrait sessions a success! Unlike Bond, I only have one Bond Girl! She is the love of my life and I am blessed to be able to spend my life with her and my two beautiful children!

Life is full of interesting twists and turns and I look forward to meeting you and hearing the details of your story! 

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